We are expert story tellers
We are creative experts
We have years of experience
We provide you with clean professional footage
We utilize the latest technology, professional grade equipment, and software
We increase your conversion rate
We provide you with usablAnalytics
We save you time
We offer a great return on investment
Your risk is our risk
Depending on what blog you read and which industry expert you hear it from, people say it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 touches to engage a new lead. This means that someone needs to view your site between 5 and 20 times before they will act. This translates to the conversion rate. WIM Digital Media speeds up the conversion process with quick, simple and effective videos that you can post to your website or social media sites. We even recommend installing a TV a monitor or even a tablet where you can play your videos over and over while your customer waits at the check out line or even sits at the bar.
Anyone can produce a video, you say? You’re right! With better smartphones, cameras and camcorders hitting the market all the time, it’s easier than ever for people to produce video. WIM Digital Media will give you clean, professional footage. We put a lot of thought that goes into making a successful video, like setting up B-roll cut-away shots, text, script and crafting intelligible scenes, will help you build your brand.
What about those companies advertising on social media that says you can make a marketing video is just a few minutes? True, you can! WIM Digital media invests thousands of dollars every year in equipment, software, stock photos, stock video, royalty free sound to produce our videos, do you want to do the same?
The other analogy we would use is would you want us to cut hair at your salon or be a bartender at your bar, of course not. You are the experts in your field we are experts in ours. We have been doing video and photo since before the flash card or even the smart phone, so we have the experience in lighting, sound and how to set a scene to showcase you. Utilizing WIM Digital media means you have the option of having a professional come take photo and videos at your establishment making your look even more professional.
When you want to make a point, how much better is it when you have an example or a story to tell? We are story tellers; we are not just people behind a camera or monitor. We do not look at ourselves like videographers, we are filmmakers and cinematographers who tell a story with emotion and feeling that get people to react.
Video’s when hosted give you access to critical information such as; Did they watch it; How many times did they watch it;  What percentage of the video did they watch;  Did they watch any particular segments over and over. When you create targeted campaigns using videos on landing pages you can pinpoint where your leads and conversions are coming from. When you are armed with this kind of information (heat maps) you begin to have more leverage and understand more of what your customer needs or wants.   
So, if you are like many people you have gone on vacation and taken a ton of photos and or videos. You get home and the first thing you do is make a video of your vacation, right? No!  Why not? Well because it takes time to do that and it is time you do not have. Producing a story takes time, a lot of time, time that would take you away from running your business, meeting with clients or talking with customer. We are accustomed to producing videos so it takes us a lot less time because we spend hours using our equipment, we know our software and all it’s shortcuts and because we do this over and over we able to combine the footage in a compelling way, choose the best quotes from the people who were filmed and get the action on screen quicker. You are our business, our client and your customers are our customers so we make the time for you.
Let’s talk what every business owner wants to talk about; your return on investment (ROI). This is huge and why we are even more important. It is why so many advertisers want to have Super Bowl commercials at millions for a 30 second spot. It pays! You most likely cannot afford the Super Bowl spot but you have free outlets at your disposal. For example, a coffee shop is currently posting on social media without video. According to Hubspot’s Marketing Statistics Report if they post one video, they we will get 2 times the visitors. So, if their current post is getting them 5 customers we get them 10 more and at $4.00 a cup that adds up. I will use another recent example. During a recent video shoot, I was asked nearly 15 times where people could see the video I was making would be shown. I told them on social media which means I just drove them to their site which means more return and when we did release the video it was viewed 1,103 times, 75 likes and 30 shares in a 24-hour period. Compare a posting of a photo with the exact same content that was in the video, was liked 12 times and shared 6 times.    
The final reason why you should hire WIM Digital Media is that your success is dependent on our success. If your business does well then, we are doing well. It drives us to do more than we must, to take that extra step, to ensure that it is perfect every single time. If our content does not get you results, then we are the first ones to say this is not working and then try something different. We know you are taking a risk with us and we appreciate that, but we also know that we are also at risk because if you are not successful neither are we.
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