All of us have a story to tell and WIM Digital Media is here to help you tell that story with the power of video, a story that helps you create a dialog and connect with your family, friends and customers.
Our vision is that we improve the human experience
To serve people by capturing life’s moments, by creating digital media content and showcasing it in order to help people make lasting memories that will enrich and impact their lives, changing them forever.
How we meet our vision and mission
We do this by levering our experience as artists, digital editors, graphic designers, illustrators, marketers and by understanding the power of communication.
We are people center champions, entrepreneurs, cinematographers, filmmakers and creative experts that create digital content that tells the story of you, your business and your vision.
We believe that you should dream more than other think is practical, care more than others think is wise and risk more than others think is safe and thus you will expect more than others think is possible.
We did not want to be just another business, we wanted to do something and what we do is make lasting memories for people that enrich and impact their lives, changing them forever.
We connect with people and have a proven track record of discovering what people need and helping them get it.
We present change as an improvement not a burden, separate what should be done to what must be done, produce solutions rather than manage problems and embrace the unknown to succeed over the long haul.
We are passionate about bringing joy to others, lending a helping hand and being a loyal and compassionate friend.
We do the very best we can be by being true to our values, utilizing our talents and abilities, and by exploiting our strengths.
We focus on exploration, we put people first, we understand the power of communication, we defend the new and better approach and we solve problems by seeking opportunity.
in ourselves, religious faith, family, friends and the human spirit
  Selfless Service
to help others image the possibilities that will change their lives forever
to listen, understand and be compassionate
about life and willingness to share it with others
Personal Courage
to face the unknown and embrace it
to never give up, never accept defeat, and work as long and as hard as it takes to get the job done right
to develop partnership with others founded on the principle of trust and respect
 Self Aware
to do what is right, to apply our experiences and to connect to our fears and dreams
to separate what must be done from what should be done 
at life and by never giving up our morality, humanity, and decency
Our Talents and Abilities 
Advertising, Cinematography, Corporate Events, Digital Editing, Filmmaking, Informational, Live Streaming, Real Estate, Training Videos, UAV (Drone Footage), Underwater, Webinars, Wedding Planning, Wedding Videography
Click around our site to learn more about us and see if together we can; embrace risk, focus on exploration, put people first, communicate and defend a better approach to solve problems, seek opportunity and grow as we live the adventure.
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